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Top 10 Car Air Purifier

According to recent studies and surveys, India is one of the most polluted countries. Pollution cause respiratory infections, allergies, and other health problems. In order to breath fresh and pure air, many companies have come up with the concept of air purifiers. Many are using air purifiers in homes, offices, and cars. A car air purifier ensures providing pure air free from allergens, dust, viruses, bacteria, smoke gases, and odor.

A car air purifier is ideal when you are traveling long hours of the day in traveling. Also, it is a must to use a car air purifier when kids, pregnant women, asthmatic, allergy sufferers are traveling in the car. They are more prone to pollution and sometimes even damage their respiratory functions. Hence, for healthy traveling, an air purifier for car comes handy.

In this article, we have mentioned different types of car air purifiers India available in the market. Also, we have mentioned the buying guide and how air purifier for car works, benefits of using it, How Necessary Is Car Air Purifier is,  maintenance of car air purifier and a few best picks. Moreover, some FAQs to help you with buying and avoid confusion caused.

 Car Air Purifier

Also, devices based on ozone emit ozone gas and purify the air inside the car. However, every technology used has its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits Of Using Air Purifiers
It reduces pollutants from the car.
They help a lot by removing impurities from the air.
Also, it is also suitable for people who are allergic and have asthma.
They keep the air inside fresh and smell good. Odorless air helps to breathe easily.
Few car air purifiers are also capable of removing smoke, odor, dust, disease-causing germs and other harmful by-products.
Moreover, they help us travel safely odor-free, dust free by providing good and fresh air.
How Necessary Is Car Air Purifier And Do They Make A Difference?
The car air purifiers remove contaminants from the air. However, we know that a car with AC also has filters and they help to remove dust particles and pollutants. The car air purifiers work much effectively in purifying the air. Few car air purifiers are capable of removing toxic elements, smoke, dust, odor. Also, car air purifiers have an advanced system which helps in removing the contaminants, bacteria, and virus from the air.

People who are sensitive to dust or pollutant particles are more prone to the headache when AC is on. You may feel the air inside the car is fresh and clear, but allergic people suffer a lot. Also, car air purifiers available in the market that can remove the contaminants and also odor. Hence, car air purifier reduces suffocation by providing good and fresh air.

Maintenance Of Car Air Purifiers
Yes, your car air purifier also needs maintenance. You should vacuum the car air purifier once in a while for removing dirt resided on the unit. If the car air purifier is not maintained properly, there might be chances of improper performance.

Often a clean car air purifier will work much better than the dusted car air purifier. If your car air purifier is based on HEPA filters, then it must be replaced from time to time. Also, washable parts must be washed during the cleaning process.

Types Of Air Purifiers
All air purifiers work to purify the air and remove impurities by providing fresh air. They are beneficial to people with asthma or allergy. Also, we have plenty of car air purifiers available in the market for removing the bad smell in the car and purify contaminated air.

HEPA Filters

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) air purifiers use filters to trap the bacteria and other impurities. Particles that are harmful, bacteria, viruses caught in a HEPA filter cannot be seen. Also, HEPA air purifiers do not generate harmful products or ozone. A HEPA filter must be replaced when it is full. Also, HEPA air purifiers cannot remove gases, chemicals, and odor. Moreover, they can trap the microorganisms or particles that are between 0.3 microns to 10 microns.

An ultraviolet air purifier removes viruses, bacteria, and impurities from the air using ultraviolet light.They are small in size and compact. They use light bulbs to reduce impurities and other harmful particles from the air. They do not collect particles like filters and plates rather they use light to alter the cell’s DNA and cause death to bacteria and viruses.


They emit negative ions which bond with airborne particles. On bonding, the dust particles fall from the air. Ionic air purifiers are capable of removing allergens, smoke, bacteria, virus, dust, and fumes from the air. But they are incapable of removing odor from the air. Though the use of technology is a bit advanced yet these air purifiers are not preferred as they take the contaminated particles from the air and stick to the wall or any hard surface. They do not completely eliminate the bad particles and hence there might be the chance of getting it back again.


Generally, they are known as activated carbon air purifiers. They are effective in removing gases, smokes, odor, and fumes. Also, they are helpful to people who are sensitive. Though they are helpful in removing the contamination in the air yet they are less effective in removing airborne particles.

They release ozone gas to control the air pollutant. Though, many manufacturers claim that the ozone air purifier is safe to use, disinfects and deodorizes the air. Health professionals claim that ozone is harmful gas and may be allergic and even cause scars in the lungs. Also, they are incapable of removing pollens, dust from the air. However, we advise not to use ozone-based air purifiers as breathing ozone even accidentally is not good for your health.

Buying Guide
We have seen different types of car air purifiers available in the market. Some use filters while some use UV light and some send negative ions while some send ozone gas. So, buying a different type of car air purifiers depends on the requirement you have. However, here mentioned are few basic check options that must be matched while buying a purifier.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
Cair air purifier must change the air inside the car irrespective of a car having AC filters. The best car air purifier must be capable of purifying the air inside a mid-size car at least four times an hour. So, CADR must be around 12 15 cubic meters per hour.

Different Layers of purification
We have many purifiers available in the market that can work to some extent by providing clean air. Also, some car air purifiers use HEPA filters, activated carbons or ionizer even the combination of all to provide efficient purified air. A purifier that has the combination of technology used works efficiently.  Also, the purifier can remove dust, smoke, odor, and pollutants.

Air purifying method
However, we know that different technologies are based on purifying the air. Also, you can pick a purifier that can remove even a small micron of airborne particles.

Where to place it?
You can place the purifier anywhere inside your car. However, it is noticed that many place them in a cup holder or on the dashboard or connect them directly to the charger. Few car air purifiers come with holders to be placed. A purifier can also be placed in a bottle holder. Pick a car air purifier that provides you with the convenience of placing it any corner of the car.

Every car air purifier produces noise either it may be low or mild or even high. The noise level depends on the factors like the speed of the fan, harmful pollutants inside. As highly polluted air needs more work to purify air and fan speed may be high producing sound. However, the noise produced by the car air purifier will be bearable and will not be loud that distracts your driving.

Mode of operation
A purifier may be a simple plug-and-play device or may operate with single one-touch control. Also, some work with USB. Opt for a car air purifier that has a smooth operation mode. However, remember that ozone based devices must not have pets or humans inside a car when the air is purifying.

1. Eureka Forbes Car Air Purifier – Five levels of filtration
Eureka Forbes Car Air Purifier
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Eureka Forbes is 37 years leading company.  Their category of products includes air purifiers, vacuums, security solutions, accessories, etc. They aim to provide a healthy and happy living. Also, they are awarded by many publications and organizations. All their products are well-designed, innovative and efficient.

Easy to use Aeroguard car air purifier comes with a clear instruction manual. The product claims that it eliminates gases, micro-particles. Also, it removes bacteria and viruses. It has five levels of filtration and provides efficient performance. It follows ionization technology.

Main Features
Aeroguard comes with a 1-year warranty
It comes with the clear user manual
Now, you can be free from pollutants inside your car with the help of negative ions. The Purifier follows ionization
Eliminates gases and airborne micro-particles
It has 5 levels of filtration and air flows 360 degrees
Also, it can easily fit in the cup holders
PROS (What we liked)
The air purifier is convenient to use
Works perfectly with small cars
Build-up quality of the purifier is good
Removes bacteria, viruses and you can be free from allergens
CONS (What we didn’t like)
No filter change indicator
A user complained that it can not remove the odor completely
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2. Atlanta Healthcare HEPA Car Air Purifier – Plug and play
Atlanta Healthcare HEPA Car Air Purifier
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Atlanta Healthcare, an Indian company founded in 2010. They try to provide fresh, pure air with high-technology. Also, they aim to provide innovative and creative solutions. Their category of products includes Air purifiers, car air purifier, anti-pollution mask, filters, and Air Quality Monitors.

The car air purifier has dual fan technology, four stages of the filtration process and works with one-touch operation. They are capable of fighting against smoke, dust, viruses, bacteria, dust, pet dander and other pollutants. It is a simple plug-and-play device. Moreover, the product claims one year warranty.

Main Features
The Motopure air purifier comes with dual fan technology
It has four stages of filtration process it includes HEPA filter, Activated Carbon, Anti Bacterial Guard, and Ioniser
It provides complete purification and fights against smokes, dust, virus, bacteria, gases, pet dander
It purifies your vehicle in 10 minutes and works with one-touch control
PROS (What we liked)
Performance of the product is good
Effective in cleaning the air
Easy to use and easy to install
CONS (What we didn’t like)
The size is too big to fit in most car’s dashboard
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3. Honeywell Car Air Purifier – Long Life
Honeywell Car Air Purifier
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Honeywell was founded in the year 1906. It is an American multinational company which provides consumer and commercial products. Also, they provide unique solutions to customers. List of the category includes Aerospace, Healthcare, Buildings, Homes, Footwear, Industrial, oil and gas, safety, and much more.

Honeywell pure2 car air purifier is easy to install, easy to use and works with a single touch button. Now, you can easily replace your filters with the help of filter indicators. It can be used in all cars and small SUVs. The air purifier is capable of removing smoke, toxins, gas, dust and other pollutants. Also, filter life is long and can be used for 360 hours.

Main Features
The air purifier comes with a pollution indicator that shows the level of pollution inside the car
It has advanced carbon filters that are capable of removing bacteria, cigarette smoke, virus, bacteria, toxins
Also, the HEPA filters help in removing dust and other pollutants
It can be used in all types of cars and small SUVs
No ions and also ozone free
If the purifier is used daily for 2 to 3 hours, then the filter has 360 hours of long life
It comes with the touch screen button
Moreover, it comes with 2 fan speeds
PROS (What we liked)
Quality of fresh air provided is good, clean
Noise level is less
Many users have appreciated its efficiency
Filter indicator helps to know the status of the filter
CONS (What we didn’t like)
Can not be used in large vehicles
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4. Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier – Less power consumption
Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier 
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Sharp is a leading, renowned and age-old company. They provide high-quality unique products. Also, they have a wide range of collection of products including air purifiers, microwaves, ovens, and much more. Moreover, their products satisfy customer needs.

The sharp air purifier is designed uniquely to easily fit in your car’s bottle holder or cup holder. It comes with a washable filter that collects dust and pollens. It quickly cleans the air providing fresh and clean air. Also, this air purifier can be used on desktops. Moreover, the noise level produced is less and don’t disturb your tasks.

Main Features
IG-GC2E is suitable for all types of cars, SUV, vans as well as desktop. Even it is ideal for a small room
The air purifier is capable of cleaning the air up to 30 sqft area
Noise level produced by the air purifier is less and is 23db
It requires 12v DC power and consumes 1.8w
Now, you can charge your smartphone at the same time as the air purifier comes with 2 port USB car adaptor
The air purifier is effective on dust, odor, smell, fungus, virus, gases, etc
Also, IG-GC2E comes with PM 10 washable filter for removing thick dust
PROS (What we liked)
Helps to reduce allergies
Well-designed and sturdy product
Easy to use
Less noise at low speed
The air purifier is certified for safety and effectiveness by 28 labs globally
CONS (What we didn’t like)
Cleaning takes some time, not very simple
Filter quality is poor
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5. Purita Classic Car Air Purifier – Multi filtration stages
Purita Classic Car Air Purifier
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Purita is a Delhi based air purification company that uses multiple layers to purify the air. Their aim is to provide high-quality pure air with the use of technology at a reasonable price.Their products include different type of car air purifiers, aromatic air diffuser, and room air purifiers. Also, they provide a warranty for their products. Moreover, they provide anti-pollution masks which were certified and tested.

Purita air purifier comes with aluminum alloy body and one year warranty. It is capable of changing the speed of air based on air purity. Multi-filtration stages are included for providing pure and fresh air. It is capable of removing PM 2.5, harmful gases, smog, odor, and other pollutants. Also, it is easy to use and has a one-touch operation.

Main Features
Purita air purifier comes with one year warranty
It is ideal when you are traveling with your kids, pregnant woman, people affected with cough and cold, and who suffer from allergies
It has a unique 360 degrees air flow and high CADR
Also, the air purifier can be used in small areas like car
It comes with multi-filtration that includes HEPA filters, carbon filters and is cable of removing allergens, dust, pollen, smoke
Moreover, the air purifier can automatically change the speed of air based on the purity of the air
PROS (What we liked)
Simple and good design
It can sense even minute pollution
Good build up quality
Available at affordable price
Long length cord
CONS (What we didn’t like)
Works only with USB

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